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So, as a student assistant, it is fairly common for us to work in a few departments before we graduate.

When I started working at Stanislaus, I was a junior in my second semester. I was very excited to have such a coveted position, as working on campus is ideal for a student. My first job on campus was working for the University Student Union as a reservations assistant. I was responsible for following up on the event requests made by faculty, staff, students, and off campus visitors as well as making sure the event details were in order.

It was a great experience and worked around my schedule tremendously. I worked for 15 hours a week and still had time to do homework and pass all of my classes. Plus, I got weekends and summers off.

I worked for the student union for the two years I was pursuing my bachelors. After graduating, I made the mistake of thinking I’d be able to handle an off campus job in Modesto. I quit my job in the student union and began working a 30 hour per week job in Modesto.

The hours and job requirements proved to be too stressful for me. Suddenly I was placed in a “normal” work environment that didn’t allow me to ask for days off to study with only two weeks notice. I was only allowed three absences  for every four months of work.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t want to be at work, but as a student, especially a grad student, it is important for me to have a really flexible job that allows me to focus as much time as I can on my schoolwork.

After all, I’d like to eventually graduate 🙂

I immediately regretted my decision to leave my job on campus and frantically started checking the career services website every day for new job listings for student assistants. Not only did my new job make it hard to focus on my homework, I felt isolated from campus because I only came to school two nights a week.

As a grad student, it is very easy to feel this way because most of our classes are in the evening, so our days are spent working, doing homework, or for some, taking care of kids.

I missed the connection I once had with my campus. After countless applications, I finally landed a job in Admissions and Outreach.

I was literally jumping up and down when I got the phone call that I had gotten the job. I was going to be able to work on campus again and stop commuting, a reality I hadn’t seen for the 6 years I’ve been in college. Plus, I was offered 20 hours a week, which I needed now that I was living on my own and paying bills.

I am thankful for my job in Admissions even more because I was offered a position as a student blogger.

I worked in Outreach for four months and recently was offered a position in Enrollment Services, which is right across the hall from Admissions and Outreach. I now work on processing official transcript requests for current students as well as alumni, so if you ever need official transcripts, come to our office!

I think my best advice to incoming students is to try and get a job on campus. While it can be competitive because a lot of students want to work here, there are quite a few positions that open up monthly and each semester. Working here can help you stay connected to the school, which is really important at a commuter campus like Stanislaus.

Here are a few great places to work, especially if you are just starting at Stanislaus and do not know many people: Enrollment Services, Admissions and Outreach (keep an eye out for University Ambassador positions, they do campus tours), Associated Students, Inc (ASI), University Student Union, Student Leadership and Development, Student Recreation Complex, Housing, the bookstore (which would be like heaven for a bookworm like me) and more.

A lot of academic departments will hire student assistants as well, although I know there are less postings for those jobs than the ones I just mentioned.

Here is a link to the career services webpage that shows listings for non-work study student assistant jobs, work study, ASI/USU, and instructional assistant positions. There are also links on the left hand side for off campus jobs and internships:

Here is the ASI/USU web page link, as they keep up to date information about their employment:


4 thoughts on “Working on campus

  1. Nice write-up, Alexia. I take it for granted often that above everything else, on-campus jobs are extremely friendly towards your schedule and school needs.

  2. This is so true! I love working on campus too! I worked at a vet before I got this job here on campus and the vet job it self was great, minus the fact that they wanted me there close to 40 hrs a week and wasn’t very flexible with my school schedule! Working on campus is the way to go!

    • Yea, on campus jobs just really help you focus on getting school work done while also giving us the chance to meet great new people and make some money!

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