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I am a professional student, as my boyfriend likes to tell me. I am in my second semester of graduate school, studying the art of teaching English as a second language. When I’m not doing homework and working in Admissions and Outreach on campus (I am referring to the breaks at the end of the semester) I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, and sleeping. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in graduate school and gain useful knowledge on how to combat the stresses of school.

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  1. Hello,
    I am a freshmen here at stanislaus and I have been troubling on my english essays. It’s hard to transition from high school writing to college writing. The professor I have does not help me much in explaining what he wants in a paper and there are times when I am really confused. English is just not my thing. Unless it is writing a journal. My professor confuses me multiple times when talking about thesis statements and how everything relates to your thesis but each time he tells me its not it, I can feel myself lose more of what I have learned and now I am totally blank on what a thesis really is. I need help. Suggestions???
    Thank you

  2. Hey Susan,

    I understand your frustrations, I struggled with thesis statements for a really long time. Basically, they are the central idea of your paper, what you are trying to argue. What I would suggest is visiting the writing center on campus, they have wonderful tutors who can help you with your thesis as well as provide feedback to the overall flow of your paper. It is located on the first floor of the library, if you enter from the quad, it’s to the left of the wells fargo atm. Have you tried emailing the professor and setting up a one-on-one meeting? These have helped me greatly in the past when I felt stuck on my essays.

    Here is a link to the writing center’s webpage that has great information on it: http://www.csustan.edu/WritingCenter/StudentInformation/index.html

    The main thing to remember is not to get down on yourself. The transition is new and sometimes challenging, but you can make it successfully.

    Let me know if this was helpful, if not, I can try and help you some more!

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